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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16910A
102CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Logic Analyser Module

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KT-16910A/32M/Increase memory to 32M
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16910A

102 Channels, 250MHz State/ 4GHz Timing.
Standard Memory Depth 256K.

Memory upgrades up to 32MB. State Speed may be upgraded to 500MB/s.
See KT-E5865A for memory and state speed upgrades.

The KT-16910A card is configured with a 40-pin pod connector.
The following 40-pin probing solutions will configure with the KT-16910A:

Model: # of CH: Connection Type: Single Ended/Differential:
KT-E5383A 17 Flying Lead Single-Ended
KT-E5396A 17 Half-size soft touch Single-Ended
KT-E5394A 34 Soft touch Single-Ended
KT-E5385A 34 Samtec Single-Ended
KT-E5346A 34 Mictor Single-Ended
KT-E5339A 34 Mictor Single-Ended, low voltage
KT-E5351A 34 Mictor Single-Ended, no isolation networks.
KT-E5346A Mictor
For Mainframe also see KT-16900A, KT-16902A, and KT-16903A.
Not compatible with KT-16700 series frames.
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0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 4.55 kg


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