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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16802A
68CH 250MHz State/4GHz Timing Portable Logic Analyser

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KT-16802A/103/32M/500/B4602A/Touch Screen/32MB Ch Memory/450MHz State Speed/Signal Extractor
Catalog Description

Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16802A

The Keysight 16800 Series portable logic Analyser offers 8 models with
34/68/102/136/204 channels and up to 32MB memory depth. A 15" color flat panel
display shows up to 32 waveforms on screen. 3 models are available with a
48 channel pattern generator that provide the performance, measurement
flexibility, applications, and usability a digital development team needs to
quickly debug, validate, and optimize a digital system. The 16800 series
features keycode upgradeable memory depth and state speed options, units don't
need to go to a service center for upgrade.

Mfr part# 16802A/001/250/103

KT-16802A/103 features:
Logic Analyser channels: 68
Pattern generator channels: None
Timing speed: 4GHz
Std memory depth: 1MB
Max memory depth: 32MB (option /32M)
Std state clock rate: 250Mhz
Max state clock rate: 450MHz (option /500)
Std data rate: 250Mb/s
Max data rate: 500Mb/s (option /500)
Signal type: single-ended
Probe compatibility: 40-pin cable connector (ordered separately)
15 inch color display with touch screen (option /103)

Includes 10/100Base-T LAN interface, 15GB Internal HD, 1.44MB floppy, 2 each
IEEE 1394 ports, 2 each USB ports, parallel printer port, external video port,
and 24x CD-ROM drive.

See KT-E5877A-xxx for after-build upgrades for memory and speed bump.
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