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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16720A
Pattern Generator Card 200M Vectors/S

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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) 16720A

Pattern generator card for KT-16700B and KT-16702B logic Analyser.

Can be used as master or expander. 5 cards/system maximum. Each card
can be configured for 24 channels at 300M Vectors/S or 48 channels at
180M Vectors/S. Memory depth 16M Vectors.

Requires at least 1 clock pod, plus 1 data pod for each 8 output channels.
May also require lead sets. Customer may specify by OPT #. See below:

Compatible pods currently carried in ER Pool.

KT-10460A TTL clock pod OPT11 (uses KT-10498A lead set)
KT-10463A ECL clock pod OPT21 (uses KT-10474A lead set)
KT-10468A PECL clock pod OPT31 (uses KT-10498A lead set)
KT-10470A LVPECL clock pod OPT33 (uses KT-10498A lead set)

KT-10461A TTL data pod OPT14 (uses KT-10474A lead set)
KT-10462A TTL/CMOS data pod OPT13 (uses KT-10474A lead set)
KT-10464A ECL data pod OPT22 (uses KT-10474A lead set)
KT-10465A ECL data (unterminated) OPT23(uses KT-10347A lead set)
KT-10466A TTL/3.3V tri-state data pod (uses KT-10474A lead set)
KT-10469A PECL data pod OPT32 (uses KT-10498A lead set)
KT-10471A LVPECL data pod OPT34 (uses KT-10498A lead set)

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0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 3.18 kg


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