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Keithley Instruments 6430
Sub Femtoamp Remote Source Meter

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Keithley Instruments 6430

KTH-6430 Sub-Femtoamp Remote SourceMeter

The Model 6430 Sub-Femtoamp Remote SourceMeter combines the voltage and
current sourcing and measurement functions of Keithley's popular SourceMeter
and Source-Measure Unit (SMU) products with sensitivity, noise, and input
resistance specifications superior to electrometers. This unique combination
of broad functionality and exceptional measurement integrity is made possible
by the Model 6430's Remote PreAmp, which offers a very sensitive
bi-directional amplifier with sensitive feedback elements for measuring or
sourcing currents at the device being tested. The high level signals output by
the Remote PreAmp are sent to the controlling mainframe via a two-meter cable.
This allows the user to make a direct or very short connection to the signal,
minimizing the effects of cable noise.

Load Impedance: Stable into 20,000pF on the 100mA through 100A ranges,
10A and 1A ranges, and 100pF on the nA and pA ranges.
*Refer to the Users Manual for details on measuring large capacitive loads.

Source Output modes: Fixed DC level, Memory List (mixed function), Stair
(linear and log).

Source Memory List: 100 points max.
Memor y Buffer: 5,000 readings @ 5 digits (two 2,500 point buffers). Includes
selected measured value(s) and time stamp. Lithium battery backup (3 yr+
battery life).

Power Supply: 100V-240V rms, 50-60Hz (automatically detected at power up),
100VA max.
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60.96 cm 43.18 cm 30.48 cm 15.91 kg
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