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Keithley Instruments 2450
200V 1A 20W Digital SourceMeter

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Keithley Instruments 2450

KTH-2450 Interactive Digital SourceMeter

KTH-2450 is Keithley's next-generation SourceMeter Source Measure Unit (SMU)
Instrument that truly brings Ohm's law (current, voltage, and resistance)
testing right to your fingertips. Its innovative graphical user interface
(GUI) and advanced, capacitive touchscreen technology allow intuitive usage
and minimize the learning curve to enable engineers and scientists to learn
faster, work smarter, and invent easier. The KTH-2450 is the SMU for everyone:
a versatile instrument, particularly well-suited for characterizing modern
scaled semiconductors, nano-scale devices and materials, organic
semiconductors, printed electronics, and other small-geometry and low-power

Brief Specifications

V-Ranges: 20mV 200V
I-Ranges: 10nA 1A
0.012% Basic Accuracy
Wideband Noise: 2mVrms Typ.
Sweep Types:
Linear, Log, Dual Linear, Dual Log, Custom, Source-Memory (SCPI 2400 Mode)
>250,000 Point Reading Buffer
>3000 Readings/Sec.
SCPI (2400 + 2450) + TSP Programming
GPIB, USB, Ethernet (LXI)
Front: Banana Jacks, Rear: Triax
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
42.55 cm 25.53 cm 10.62 cm 6.82 kg


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