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Keithley Instruments 2304A
High Speed Power Supply with Readback 20V 5A 100W

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Keithley Instruments 2304A

KTH-2304A Power Supply provides both voltage control and power consumption
monitoring for automated testing of portable, battery-operated devices. These
power supplies are optimized for testing battery-operated, wireless
communication devices such as cellular phones that undergo substantial load
changes for very short time intervals. These power supplies exhibit
outstanding voltage stability during pulse load changes and can simultaneously
measure load currents, even if they are short pulses.

Key Features and Benefits:
Optimized for battery-powered device testing
Ultra-fast transient response to load changes
5A continuous output
Pulse peak, average, and baseline current measurements
100nA DC current sensitivity
100W output (20V @ 5A)
Sinks up to 3A
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8.89 cm 21.59 cm 36.83 cm 6.82 kg


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