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HV Diagnostics HVA90
64kV RMS / 90kV Pk AC VLF & 90kV DC High Voltage Tester

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HVD-HVA90/CASE/Transport Case
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HV Diagnostics HVA90

HVD-HVA90 64kV RMS / 90kV Pk AC VLF & 90kV DC High Voltage Tester

The HVA series of universal high voltage test instruments offer unrivalled
power, performance and reliability for the majority of your AC VLF
and DC high voltage testing applications.

While many testing standards around the world have evolved to
recommend the use of AC VLF (Very Low Frequency) rather than DC for
many high voltage testing applications, particularly those involving MV
cables and rotating machines. The HVA Series of instruments include
both high voltage AC and DC outputs to provide the operator with a
single, complete testing package.

The high power HVA90 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 3,300m
(1uF at 0.1 Hz and 64 kV rms).
The variable output frequency allows the testing of even much longer cables.
At 10uF 0.01 Hz and 64 kV rms a length of approx 33,000 m can be tested.

Input Voltage: 210 - 240 V 50/60 Hz (3.0 kVA)

Output Voltage:
Sinusoidal 0 - 90 kV peak, 64 kV rms
DC +/-0 - 90 kV
Squarewave 90kV
Accuracy +/-1%
Vacuum Bottle 90 kV
Resolution 0.1 kV

Output Current: 0 - 65 mA (Resolution 1 A) Accuracy: +/-1 %

Resistance Range: 0.1MOhm...5GOhm

Output Frequency: 0.01...0.1 Hz in steps of 0.01 Hz (default 0.1 Hz) -
auto frequency selection

Output Modes:
AC (VLF) Symmetrical and load independent across full range,
DC (plus or negative polarity), Burn-/ Fault Condition or
Fault Trip Mode, Jacket / Sheath Testing

Safety: 50 Hz 12 kV Feedback Protection / Discharge unit
Memory: 50 Test Records Stored
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44.45 cm 60.96 cm 66.04 cm 159.09 kg
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