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Hocherl & Hackl GmbH ZSAC1444
1.4KW AC/DC Electronic Load, 440V, 5A

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Hocherl & Hackl GmbH ZSAC1444

HAH-ZSAC1444 1.4KW AC/DC Electronic Load, 440V, 5A

Function: AC, DC, LINE
Air Cooled
Input voltage up to 440 Veff.
Switchable current modes
Frequency 40 - 700 Hz
Operation modes: current, resistance

Operating Modes
The AC current loads of the ZSAC series feature constant current and
resistance operating modes. In AC mode the current is set as sinusoidal. In
resistance mode the height and waveform of the current depends on the input

Voltage Types
Depending on the type of voltage the devices can be switched between mains
voltage and/or mains-synchronous voltage, AC voltage with variable frequency
and DC voltage.

In current mode a low distortion sinusoidal waveform is a permanently saved
setting. In resistance mode the current depends on the waveform of the applied
input voltage.
Any waveform can be specified by programming and saved in the retrievable
waveform memory.
Functions for harmonics, phase controlled currents and currents with
adjustable crest factor are stored permanently. The phase angle adjustment is
combined with the crest factor adjustment.

Maximum input voltage: 10 - 440 V AC or 10 - 660 V DC
Current: 5A
Power: 1,400 W
Resistance: 2 - 4,000 Ohm
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 48.26 cm 22.23 cm 38.18 kg
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