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Hioki PW3198
Power Quality Analyser

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Hioki PW3198

HIO-PW3198 Power Quality Analyser

Category IV Certified Safety rating measures up to 6000V peak transients,
single and 3 phase
Complies with IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 2 Class A International power quality
measurement standard

Channels: 4 Voltage, 4 Current
Total Recording Capacity: 50,000 events
Time Plot Data Settings: 1s, 3s, 15s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 30m,1h, 2h,
Memory Data Capacity: 2GB SD memory card
Power Supply: AC ADAPTER HIO-Z1002 (12 VDC, Rated power supply 100VAC to
240VAC, 50/60Hz)
BATTERY PACK HIO-Z1003 (Ni-MH 7.2VDC 4500 mAh) 180 minutes continuous
operating time.
Charge time 5.5hours
Voltage Frequency Range: DC to 3kHz-Harmonics, 3kHz to 80kHz-Hi order
Harmonics, 80kHz to 700kHz- Transient Overvoltage detection

Voltage Measurement Range: Voltage measurement: 600.00 V rms
Transient measurement 6.0000 kV peak

Measured Parameters include Transient Overvoltage (Impulse), Dip (Voltage
Drop), Swell, Interruption, Inrush Current, Frequency Fluctuations, High-order
Harmonics (50th, when monitoring 50Hz or 60Hz systems) , and Unbalance

Accuracy: Voltage +/- 0.1% of range
Current +/- 0.2% of reading + clamp on sensor accuracy
Power +/- 0.2% of reading + clamp on sensor accuracy

Power line frequency measurement at 50/60Hz as well as 400Hz
Flicker Measurement function conforms with IEC61000-4-15 Edition 2

The HIO- PW3198 can simultaneously record 8,000 or more parameters, such as
voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, integral power, harmonic,
and flicker, at the specified recording interval.

Download measurement data stored on the included SD memory card via USB/LAN to
Data recorded on earlier Hioki-3196 or HIO-3169 can also be analyzed.

HIO-9624-50 Software Operation Requirements:
CD-R, AT compatible PC , Windows XP, Vista (32bit), Windows7 (32/64bit), 512MB
or more space

Ordering PN HIO-PW3198-01/500PRO Power Quality Analyser consists of the
following Items:
3198, 4 each 9661 (500A), L1000 Voltage Cables, 3198 Hard Case, AC Adapter,
Battery Pack, 9624-50 PC Software, Z4001 2GB SD Memory Card.

External Interface Specifications: SD Card Slot, RS-232C, LAN, USB2.0, 4 pin
screwless terminal block
Shares the following CT's with the legacy HIO-3196
HIO-9660 100A
HIO-9694 5A
HIO-9669 1000A
HIO-9667 500A/5000A Flex

DRN Flex CTs will NOT work with the HIO-PW3198.

The PW9005 GPS BOX lets you synchronize mulitiple units
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