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Hioki 8422-51
Memory HiLogger 32 Channel

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Hioki 8422-51

discontinued, contact product group for replacement

HIO-8422-51 Memory HiLogger 32 Channel

All analog inputs fully isolated
Voltage/temperature loggers with PC networking support

8420-51(8ch), 8421-51(16ch), 8422-51(32ch) All analog channels isolated.
Temperature, voltage, humidity, cumulative pulses, rotations
Max. 32-channel, 100ms high-speed multi-channel data collection
Simultaneous numerical and graphical display
Attachable Printer and I/O Module
Up to 16 HiLOGGERs can be connected and controlled via LAN.

Measurement items: Temperature, voltage, cumulative pulses, rotations
Input channels: Analog 32 channels isolated PHOTO-MOS relays
Pulse Inputs: 4 ch, Logic Inputs: 16 ch (using the 8993 DIGITAL I/O UNIT)
Thermocouple types: K, E, J, T, N, W (WRe5-26), R, S, and B
Analog voltage input: 5 ranges: 100 mV, 1 V, 10 V, 100 V and 1 - 5 V f.s.
Recording interval: 100 ms to 1 hour (200 ms to 1 hour when using more then
17 channels). Note: All input channels are scanned at high speed during each
recording interval.
Digital Filter: OFF/50Hz/60Hz (when set to 50 or 60Hz), the appropriate
digital filter is automatically set according to the recording interval
Memory capacity: Internal: 32 MB (16MW data points), External: up to 1G
(9727/ 9728/ 9729 PC card, 256MB to 1GB)
Real-Time save: Waveforms are saved as binary data to the PC Card in real
time. Stored data can be recalled by the instrument in blocks of 32 MB each.
PC interface: RS-232C and 10Base-T Ethernet connectors
Interfaces (optional):
PRINTER UNIT 8992 (Detachable type) or DIGITAL I/O UNIT 8993 (Detachable type)
can be connected
Recording and display: 5.7-inch STN color LCD, 112 mm (4.4 in) 18 m (59.06
ft), thermal paper roll
Power supply: (1) AC ADAPTER 9418-15 (12 V DC 5 %),(2) BATTERY PACK 9447
(NiMH, when used with AC adapter, the adapter has priority), (3) 12V car
battery (using connection cable please inquire)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
16.99 cm 23.39 cm 7.49 cm 5.45 kg
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