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Hioki 3196
Power Quality Analyser

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Hioki 3196

discontinued, contact product group for replacement

Maximum memory card size is 512MB.
The HIO-3196 package(mfr sku# 3196-01/500PRO) includes:
HIO-3196 mainframe; 4 Voltage Channels, 4 Current Channels.
HIO-9661 500A CT 4 each.**Low end reading of 0.5A on the 50A range.**
HIO-9438-02 voltage cable set.
HIO-9626 PC Card 32M, 64M, or 128M
HIO-9624 PQA HiView Pro Software with report writer.
Carry Case, AC Adaptor.

The HIO-3196 will measure the following phenomena:
1.Transient Overvoltage (Impulse) occurs during lightning strike, or other
radical changes in voltage, with high voltage peaks.
2.Voltage Dip; momentary voltage drop resulting from large rush current in
loads, ie motor start-up.
3. Voltage Swell; caused by lightning strike or opening/closing power lines
with heavy loads, causing momentary voltage swell.
4. Flicker; IEC caused by blast furnaces, arc welding, or thyristor-controlled
5. Instantaneous Interruptions; caused by short/long term power supply
interruption caused by accident at the power company.
6. Harmonics; occurs due to voltage/current waveform distortion when a
semiconductor control device is used in a device's power supply.
7. Unbalance Factor; voltage imbalance, reverse phase voltage, and harmonics
result in events such as uneven motor rotation, tripping of 3E beakers, and
transformer overheating.
8. Demand Calculation Function; Set the year, month, day, hours, minutes, and
seconds. Demand Interval Settings: 5, 10. 30 minutes, 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 hours.
Longer measurement intervals can be set. Analysis period 1 to 31 days.

Standards Conformance:
EMC: EN61326-1 1997 + A1: 1998 CLASS A.
EN61000-3-2; 1995 + A1; 1998 + A2; 1998, and EN61000-3-3; 1995.
Safety: EN61010-1; 1993 + A2; 1995.
Voltage Input Unit: Contamination Level2, Overvoltage Category III
(anticipated overvoltage: 6000V).

LAN and RS-232C Interface standard.

Power supply 12 V DC output AC ADAPTER HIO- 9458 (Universal 100 to 240 V AC,
50/60 Hz), and BATTERY PACK
HIO- 9459 (7.2 V/2450 m Ah Ni-MH) are standard accy list items..

400Hz operation can be achieved via the following steps:

1-Go to start up screen.
2-Go to system button that lists diagram.
3-Move cursor to the frequency prompt.
4-Select 'Enter'
5-Select 400Hz on the drop down list.

By connecting a PC to the 3196, you can set up all types of network
measurement systems through a LAN or RS-232C

Also HIO-9667 for flex CTs
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58.42 cm 48.26 cm 45.72 cm 18.18 kg


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