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Hioki 3143
Earth HiTester

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Hioki 3143

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HIO-3143 Earth HiTester

Ground resistance meter.

Grounding is increasingly important for the safe operation and maintenance of
communications equipment and many other types of facilities. However, in an
urban environment where the ground is covered with concrete or asphalt,
conventional measurement methods that require inserting auxiliary grounding
electrodes are difficult to use. The HIO-3143 uses a new measurement principle
that makes auxiliary grounding electrodes unnecessary, so it can be used to
measure ground resistance on paved roads.

Differences from the Previous Instrument (HIO-3151)
Common ground resistance meters such as the HIO-3151 measure the resistance
using a frequency between 500 Hz and several kHz.
The HIO-3143 uses a frequency between 100 kHz and 1.5 MHz, close to that of a
lightning surge. Therefore, measurement errors can result if the HIO-3143 is
used in situations such as the following (in these instances, we recommend
using the HIO-3151):
Electrical grounding or mesh grounding.
Electrical power equipment grounding.
When the measurement point is located at a distance from the insertion point
of the grounding electrode.

Basic Specifications:

Ground resistance - 20.0 to 49.9 ohm (+/-10 % rdg.), 50.0 to 500.0 ohm (+/-5 %

Ground voltage - 0 to 10 V (+/-5 % rdg.)

Principle of operation - voltage comparison method (Measurement of voltage at
loop impedance serial resonance)

Open circuit voltage - 1 V AC peak typ.

Measurement current - 3.6 mA AC max. (With terminals shorted)

Measurement frequency - 100 kHz to 1.5 MHz

Features - Energy saving mode (after 3 minutes with no operation, displays
"HOLD" and enters the standby state), Resonance indicator (bar graph indicator
shows approximate location of resonance point), Battery check

Power supply - LR6(AA) alkaline batteries x 4, (Continuous use 8 hours)

Dimensions, mass - 155 mm (6.10 in) W x 98 mm (3.86 in) H x 49 mm (1.93 in) D,
380 g (13.4 oz) (main unit only)

Accessories - MEASUREMENT CABLE HIO-9265 (black 1 m(3.28 ft), red 20 m(65.62
ft), one each; CABLE WINDER HIO-9216 x1), CARRYING CASE HIO-9338 (1)
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15.49 cm 9.8 cm 4.9 cm 0.91 kg
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