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High Voltage TDB-60
VLF Tan Delta Bridge Insulation Tester

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High Voltage TDB-60

The HVI-TDB-60 is used for measuring the loss angle or dissipation factor in
power cables and other capacitive loads to determine the insulation quality.
These measurements are used to track the deterioration of service aged cables
and establish baseline readings on new cable installations. Changes in
measurements can indicate degradation of the insulation, which can be used to
predict the remaining life expectancy and prioritize cable replacement.

Most customer applications will require a HVI-VLF hipot with a HVI-TDB-60.

Features and Specifications:
Frequency range of 0.01 to 0.2 Hz.
Inline measurement of current and voltage.
Automatic display of frequency and loss angle.
Automatically adjusts to VLF generator frequency.
Real time readout of voltage, current, frequency and loss angle.
Audible indication of new reading.
Quick and easy set-up for field testing applications.
RS-232 port for data storage.
Connection to measurement module via fiber optics, eliminating safety hazards
from the controller.

The HVI-TBD-60 is a two piece system that consists of a Control Unit (13.5. w
x 11. d x 5. h, 14 lbs) and a High Voltage Stack (10. w x 10..d.x
32. h, 23 lbs.)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 27.27 kg


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