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High Voltage PFT-503CM
50kV Portable AC Hipot Test Set

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High Voltage PFT-503CM

The High Voltage,Inc PFT series of 50/60 Hz Portable AC Hipot Testers are
for a variety of Field and General Repair Shop HV testing applications. They
are ideal for testing the integrity of a wide variety of items including
insulating materials, isophase bus duct, switchgear, transformers, vacuum
bottles & interrupters, vacuum switches, automatic circuit reclosers,
fuses, arrestors, circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors and motor and
generator windings. The PFT Series operate from a conventional electrical
source and are applicable for testing to ANSI/IEEE C37.60. All models are
fully adjustable and can be used up to their 3 kVA rating with ease. Each unit
features a dual range kilovoltmeter, a triple range currentmeter, external
safety interlock, zero start safety interlock, self resetting over current
protection, guard/ground return modes, HV on/off and main power push buttons
and ruggedized meters.

The HVI-PFT-503CM is a 1 piece unit.

Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15 amps.(230V version is avail as a factory order, not
switchable or field upgradable)
HV Output: 0-50kVac, 1KVA resistive load up to 3 KVA capacitive load, 60 mA
Duty Cycle: 3 KVA: 1/2 hour ON, 2 hour OFF
2 KVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF
1 KVA: continuous
Kilovoltmeter: 3.5", Scaled 0-25/50 kVac, +/-2% F.S.
Currentmeter: 3.5", Scaled 0-1.0 mAac, +/-2% F.S. with range multipliers of
x1, x10 and x100.
Distortion: Less than 5%
Case Dimensions and Weight: 21" w x 11.25" d x 15.25" h, 75 lbs.
Output Termination: 20 ft. (6m) shielded output cable with alligator clamp and
hook for test connections.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
28.57 cm 53.34 cm 38.73 cm 45.45 kg
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