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High Voltage PFT-1003CM
100kV Portable AC Hipot Test Set

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High Voltage PFT-1003CM

The High Voltage,Inc PFT series of 50/60 Hz Portable AC Hipot Testers are
ideal for a variety of Field and General Repair Shop HV testing applications.
They are ideal for testing the integrity of a wide variety of items including
insulating materials, isophase bus duct, switchgear, transformers, vacuum
bottles & interrupters, vacuum switches, automatic circuit reclosers,
bushings, fuses, arrestors, circuit breakers, transformers, capacitors and
motor and generator windings. The PFT Series operate from a conventional
electrical source and are applicable for testing to ANSI/IEEE C37.60. All
models are fully adjustable and can be used up to their 3 kVA rating with
ease. Each unit features a dual range kilovoltmeter, a triple range
currentmeter, external safety interlock, zero start safety interlock, self
resetting over current protection, guard/ground return modes, HV on/off and
main power push buttons and ruggedized meters.

The HVI-PFT-1003CM is a 2 piece unit.

Input: 120V, 60Hz, 15 amps. (230V version is avail as a factory order, not
switchable or field upgradable)
HV Output: 0-100kVac, 1KVA resistive load up to 3 KVA capacitive load, 30 mA
Duty Cycle: 3 KVA: 1/2 hour ON, 2 hour OFF
2 KVA: 1 hour ON, 1 hour OFF
1 KVA: continuous
Kilovoltmeter: 3.5", Scaled 0-50/100 kVac, +/-2% F.S.
Currentmeter: 3.5", Scaled 0-1.0 mAac, +/-2% F.S. with range multipliers of
x1, x10 and x100.
Distortion: Less than 5%
Case Dimensions and Weight: 21" w x 11.25" d x 15.25" h, 35 lbs.
HV Tank Dimensions and Weight: 13" w x 13" d x 22" h, 85 lbs.

!! IMPORTANT!! The 100kV unit is not supplied with an HV output cable of any
type, the customer is responsible for suppling their own connection medium be
it unshielded cable, aluminum or copper tubing, etc...

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121.92 cm 101.6 cm 86.36 cm 73.64 kg
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