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High Voltage DVR-150
High Voltage Divider 150kV AC/DC

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High Voltage DVR-150

HVI-DCR-150 High Voltage Divider 150kV AC/DC

The DVR-150 is a precision resistor/capacitor high voltage divider that
provides a low voltage output proportional to the applied high voltage. Its
1000:1 ratio extends the measurement capability of most digital voltmeters and
oscilloscopes to 150,000 volts. The divider includes a switchable low end
impedance to match various metering inputs.

Designed to be used with most DMMs or oscilloscopes
No external power sources required
Switch selectable 10 Meg or 1 Meg low end impedance
Less susceptible to effects to electric field proximity

Voltage Range: 1-150kV DC or AC to 1kHz sinusoidal
Output: 1 volt per 1kV applied (1000:1 ratio)
Divider Accuracy: +/-0.5%, -14 to +104 degrees F, -10 to +40 degrees C
Input Resistance: 715 Meg Ohm
Input Capacitance: 96.3 Pico Farads
Cable Length: 25ft (7.6m) RG58/U coaxial cable
Divider Termination: 13 inch (330mm) diameter spining
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
33.02 cm 33.02 cm 62.23 cm 31.82 kg
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