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High Voltage DTS-60D-TCD3
60kV AC Oil Dielectric Test Set

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High Voltage DTS-60D-TCD3


The DTS Series of Oil/Liquid Dielectric AC test sets provide repeatable
and accurate measurement of the breakdown voltage of insulating fluids
used in transformers, circuit breakers, bushings, capacitors, etc.

Three motorized rates of rise: 500V/2000V/3000V per second
Rate of rise selector switch
Arc detection with automatic shutdown
Zero Start safety and test chamber interlock provision
One-piece portable design
Window panel for test observation
Failure indicator
Accessory outlet located within test chamber
Simple controls

Technical Data:
Input:120V, 60Hz, 7 Amps,
Output:0-60 kVac, 800 VA Resistive Load
Output Termination: Dual capacitively graded bushings with cradle contact
mounting in test chamber
Testing Standards (based on test cell in use) ASTM D877, ASTM D1816, IEC 156
Gap Gauges Available: 0.04../ 0.08../ 0.10...0.0002...
1 mm / 2 mm / 2.5 mm ...0.005 mm
Operating Temperature: -14..F to 104..F, -10..C to 40..C
Distortion: <5%
Kilovolt Meter and Accuracy: 3.5 Digit LED, Scaled 0 60 kVac RMS 2% of full
Dimensions & Weight: 15..W x 14..D x 11.5..H, 65 lbs.

Oil Tester Applicable
DTS-60D Testing Standard
TCD-3 ASTM D877 60kV *part of ER Bundle*
TCD-5 ASTM D1816 60kV mushroom w stirrer
TCD-I2 IEC 156 60kV no stirrer
TCD-N3 ASTM D877 90kV flat electrodes
TCD-N5 ASTM D1816 90kV mushroom electrodes
TCD-N12 IEC 156 90kV w 0.1" gage no stirrer
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
35.56 cm 38.1 cm 29.21 cm 40.91 kg
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