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eDrive Power Analyser

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The connection to the PC uses copper or optical Ethernet, while an optional
EtherCAT interface can be used for real time transfer of computed results.

It offers 6 power channels (6 voltage and 6 current channels via burden
resistors or clamps) and inputs for two torque and two speed sensors.

The voltage inputs are able to measure up to +/-1000 V, the current inputs use
external burden resistors (option) to measure the output of different current
transducers. The sample rate (with all calculations enabled) is 1 MS/s per

The GEN7tA eDrive Power Analyser package consists of:
1 x Power Analyser / DAQ mainframe GEN7tA (1-GEN7tA-2) with 7 slots (5 open)
for input or extension cards
2 x input card GN610B (1-GN610B-2), each with: 3 power channels (6 inputs), 2
MS/s per channel, 18 bit resolution, +/-10 mV to +/-1000 V span, 600 Vrms CAT
II, 2 counter/timer for torque/speed
2 x real-time formula database (1-GEN-OP-RT-FDB-2) for predefined or user
defined formulas
1 x Perception Enterprise 64bit software (1-PERC-E64-01-2) for
multi-instrument setup, sensor database, acquisition, analysis and reporting
(to be installed on control PC)
1 x Perception eDrive application (1-PERC-OP-EDR-01-2) for graphical setup and
real-time power calculations with predefined or user formulas:
Urms,Irms,P,Q,S, cosPhi,lambda,fundamental power,Id,Iq and more
1 x Plug on Star Adapter (1-G068-2)for 1-GN61xB-2; creates an artificial star
point in 3-phase systems
1 x Torque/RPM adapter (1-G070A-2) to connect two torque and two speed
sensors, incl. repeater function; incl. connection cable to mainframe
1 x Rack mount kit for GEN7tA (1-G080-2)
1 x 1GBit Optical Ethernet, 850 nm (1-G062-2)

/P1 package consists of:
Qty 1 GEN7TA-2 eDrive Power Analzyer package
Qty 1 /KAB239-2 Ethernet cross-over cable
Qty 1 /KAB272-2 FireWire cable mod to mod
Qty 11 /KAB290-3 Black/red lead set shield
Qty 1 /MX471B 4-channel CAN module
Qty 4 /SUBHD15 DSubHD 15-pole connector
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34.29 cm 44.2 cm 29.46 cm 18.18 kg
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