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Fluke Mfg Co TIS9HZ
Building Diagnostic Infrared Thermal Imager, Camera

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Fluke Mfg Co TIS9HZ

FLU-TIS9HZ Building Diagnostic Infrared Thermal Imager, Camera

Temperature measurement range:
(not calibrated below -10 C) -20 C to +100 C (-4 F to +212 F)
Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-5 C or 5 % (at 25 C nominal, whichever is

Image capture frequency 9 Hz refresh rate
Detector type 120 X 120 Focal Plane Array, uncooled microbolometer
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) Infrared spectral band 7.5um to 14um (long wave)
Standard infrared lens type
Field of view: 17 x 17
Spatial resolution: (IFOV) 2.50 mRad
Minimum focus distance: 15 cm (approx. 6 in)
Focus mechanism Versatile, one-handed manual focus

Palettes Ironbow, Blue-Red, Grayscale
Level and span Smooth auto-scaling and lock of level and span
Minimum span (in auto mode) 5 C (9 F)
Image capture, review, save mechanism One-handed image capture, review, and
save capability
Storage medium SD Memory Card (2 GB memory card will store at least 1200
fully radiometric (.is2)
IR images annotations, or 3000 basic bitmap (.bmp) images, transferrable to
PC via included multi-format USB card reader
File formats Non-radiometric (.bmp) or fully-radiometric (.is2)
No analysis software required for non-radiometic bitmap (.bmp) files
Export file formats w/SmartView software BMP, DIB, GIF, JPE, JFIF, JPEG, JPG,
Memory review Sequential image navigation and review

Software SmartView full analysis and reporting software included
Batteries Internal rechargeable battery pack (included)
Battery life Three to four hours continuous use (assumes 50 % brightness of
Battery charge time 2.5 hours to full charge
AC battery charging AC adapter/charger (110 V ac to 220 V ac, 50/60 Hz)
(included), charges battery while imager is operating or turned off, ac mains
adapters included
AC operation AC operation with included power supply (110 V ac to 220 V ac,
50/60 Hz), ac mains adapters included
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
15.24 cm 12.7 cm 26.67 cm 4.55 kg


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