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Fluke Mfg Co OPVXG
OptiView XG 1 Gbps Network Analysis Tablet

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Fluke Mfg Co OPVXG

Fluke Networks OPVXG
OptiView XG Integrated Network Analyser Tablet

The Fluke Networks OPVXG OptiView XG's unique tablet form factor provides the
mobility to connect, analyze and troubleshoot anywhere in the network at the
desk, in the data center, or at the end user location. It can analyze most
devices on your network which has moved beyond the traditional LAN/WAN
switching and routing to a true network fabric that incorporates physical
devices, wireless networks, virtual networks and proprietary networking.

The Fluke Networks OPV-XG tablet for network engineers
Integrates the latest wired and wireless technologies with powerful dedicated
hardware in a unique tablet form factor providing mobility to connect, analyze
and solve network and application problems anywhere on the network
The Fluke Net. OPV/XG displays your network exactly the way you want to see it
through customizable dashboards
Provides throughput, 'on-the-wire' and "in-the-air" automated analysis up to
10 Gbps
Ensures line-rate packet capture up to 10 Gbps when troubleshooting difficult
application problems on the Fluke Networks OPVXG
Identifies the exact path taken by the application using path and
infrastructure analysis, to quickly resolve application performance issues
Allows visibility in intermittent problems by collecting granular data rather
than aggregated data collected by monitoring systems
Enables proactive analysis by analyzing the information you need before
problems arise
Performs application centric analysis with a high level view of the
applications on the network with easy drill down capability
Measure performance of your VMware environment, including hypervisor
availability, interface utilization, and resource usage levels
Automatically detects problems in the network and suggests resolution
Real-time discovery engine tracks up to 30,000 devices and access points
The Fluke Networks OPVXG enables analysis of the WLAN environment using the
award winning AirMagnet WiFi Analyser, Spectrum XT, Survey and Planning tools
Out-of-the-box and customizable reports

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