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Fluke Mfg Co DSX-OFP
DSX-Optifiber Pro, Versiv OTDR

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Fluke Mfg Co DSX-OFP

Fluke Networks - Optifiber Pro OTDR
Does not include copper or CAT5 testing.
ER part number does not include copper tester.

* Versiv enables users to accomplish more than ever with a cable tester,
accelerating every step of the testing process
* SmartLoop OTDR enables automated testing and analysis of two fibers in a
single test. Not only does this halve network-testing time, but it also
eliminates the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform
* Taptive user interface puts advanced data analysis and easy set-up and
operation at the fingertips of of technicians of all skill levels.

* LinkWare management software provides unmatched analysis of test results
and professional test reports

* Test times as short as two seconds in Quick Test mode
* Quickly test datacenter fiber with pre-programmed settings
* Troubleshoot datacenter fiber links with short patch cables and many
connectors because of ultra short dead zones
* Easily characterize all connectors, splices and areas of high loss with
graphical EventMap view
* ProjX management system increases return on investment by enabling OTDR
project sharing among users and different jobs
* Reduce network downtime by quickly and precisely identifying faults on
all fiber types
* Built-in Visual Fault Locator (VFL) easily identifies damaged fibers.

OTDR Specifications:

Mutimode module Singlemode module Quad module

Wavelengths: 850nm +/- 10nm 1310nm +/- 25nm See MM Specs
1300 nm +35/-15 m 1550nm +/- 30nm and SM Specs

Compatible: 50/125um Singlemode
fiber types 62.5/125um 9/125um

Event dead 850nm: 0.5m 1310 nm: 0.6 m
zone (typ) 1300nm: 0.7m 1550 nm: 0.6 m

Attenuation 850nm: 2.5m 1310 nm: 3.6 m
dead zone(typ) 1300nm: 4.5m 1550 nm: 3.7 m

Dynamic range 850 nm: 28 dB 1310 nm: 32 dB
(typ) 1300 nm: 30 dB 1550 nm: 30 dB

Max distance: 40 km 130 km
range setting

Distance 850 nm: 9 km 1310 nm: 80 km
measurement 1300 nm: 35 km 1550 nm: 130 km

Reflectance 850nm: -14dB to -57dB 1310 nm: -14 dB to -65 dB
range (typ) 1300nm: -14dB to -62dB 1550 nm: -14 dB to -65 dB

Sample 3 cm to 400 cm 3 cm to 400 cm

Pulse widths 850nm: 3,5,20,40,200ns 3,10,30,100,300,1000,
(nom) 1300nm: 3,5,20,40,200, 3000, 10000, 20000ns

Options :
/Q Quadmode version, SM and MM wavelength support OFP-100-Q
/S Singlemode version OFP-100-S
/M Multimode version OFP-100-M
/QI Quadmode version with inspection probe OFP-100-QI

Launch Cables:
Launch cables are generally required for OTDR use.

Multimode: FLU-MMC-50-SCLC Launch fiber, 50/125um, SC-LC
-or- FLU-MMC-62/SCSC Launch fiber, 62.5/125um, SC-LC

Singlemode: FLU-SMC-9-SCLC Launch fiber, 9/125um, SC-LC

See Also:
FLU-DSX-5000-CA-OLTS-OTDR- Cable Analyser and quad OLTS modules
and Quad OTDR

Power meter input ports on OLTS modules require use of FLU-NFA series
adapters. (Not included as accessory)

Source ports require use of PA-SC adapter included with each Optifiber
OTDR module.

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
22.86 cm 7.62 cm 12.7 cm 4.55 kg
N/A Currently not available for sale


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