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Fluke Mfg Co 724
Temperature Calibrator RTD, Thermocouple

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Fluke Mfg Co 724

FLU-724 Temperature Calibrator RTD, Thermocouple

The Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator is a handheld, battery-operated
instrument that measures and sources a variety of thermocouples and RTDs.

*A split-screen display. The upper display allows you to measure volts and
current. The lower display allows you to measure and source volts, resistance
temperature detectors, thermocouples, and ohms.
*A thermocouple (TC) input/output terminal and internal isothermal block with
automatic reference junction temperature compensation.
*Storage and recall of 8 setups.
*Manual stepping and automatic stepping and ramping.

Thermocouple types accepted: B,E,J,K,L,N,R,S,T,U
RTD types accepted: Pt100 (385), Pt100 (3926), Ni120 (672), Pt200 (385),
Pt500 (385), Pt1000 (385), Pt100 (3916)

DC Voltage Measurement 30 V
DC Voltage Source 10 V
DC mA Measurement 24 mA
Ohms Measurement 0 - 3.2 KOhms
Ohms Source 15 - 3.2 kOhms

Loop Power Supply:
Voltage: 24 V
Maximum current: 22 mA
Short circuit protected
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
20.07 cm 9.53 cm 4.72 cm 2.27 kg
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