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Fluke Mfg Co 434
Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser

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Fluke Mfg Co 434

Fluke 434 3-phase power quality Analyser.

The Fluke 434 is a trouble shooting tool that does basic survey and demand
analysis studies.


Inputs: 4 voltage 4 Current ( 3-phase plus ground).

Measurements: Vrms, Arms, Hz, W, VAR, VA, Power Factor, Harmonics, THD,
Interharmonics, kWh, Flicker, and Unbalance.

Real time scope/phasor diagrams, transient display.

EN50160 & IEC61000-4-30 compliant.

Safety Rating: CAT IV 600V

The FLU-434 Kit includes:

CA430 Hard Carry Case
I400s Current Clamps 4 each rigid
TLS430 Test Leads and alligator clips (4 black, 1 green)
BP190 NiMH batter Pack (installed)
BC430 Battery Charger/Line Voltage adaptor
SW43W FlukeView Software
OC4USB SerialInterface Adapter/Cable (USB)
Get Started Guide
User Manual on CD-ROM

I400s Specifications:

Nominal current range: 40 A Range 0.5 A to 40 A
400 A Range 5 A to 400 A

Basic accuracy: 40 A Range 2% + 0.015 A (45-400 Hz)
400 A Range 2% + 0.04 A (45-400 Hz)

Typical Bandwidth: 40 A Range 5 Hz - 10 kHz
400 A Range 5 Hz - 10 kHz

Output level(s): 40 A Range 10 mV/A
400 A Range 1 mV/A

Crest Factor: 40 A Range = 3
400 A Range = 3 to 300 A
= 2.5 to 400 A

For higher range CT's also see: FLU-I2000FLEX

The FLU-I5SPQ3's (5A AC Current Clamps, 3-pack) will work with the FLU-434 &
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
58.42 cm 48.26 cm 45.72 cm 13.18 kg


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