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Fluke Mfg Co 3210-PR-TF-II
Flex Thin Flex Current Probe 1000A, 61CM (24IN)

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Fluke Mfg Co 3210-PR-TF-II

FLU-3210-PR-TF-II Flex Thin Flex Current Probe 1000A, 61CM (24IN)

The Fluke 3210PRTFII Probe is designed for use with the Fluke 1750 Power
Recorder and measures current from very low frequencies up to the 50th
harmonic of a 50/60 Hz power supply. The flexible and lightweight measuring
head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas and around
large conductors. It includes a 24 inch long connection cable. The Fluke
3210-PR-TF-II 1000A Flex Thin Flex Current Probe is an AC current probe
utilizing the Rogowski principle.

Cable Length: 24 inches
Frequency Range: 40 Hz to 5 kHz
Measurement Range: up to 1000 A (with a crest factor =3)
Accuracy (at 25 C): +/-1 % of reading
Linearity (10 % to 100 % of range): +/-0.2 % of reading per C
Temperature Coefficient: +/-0.05 % of reading per C
Position Sensitivity (w/ cable >25 mm from coupling): +/-2 % of reading
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