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Fluke Mfg Co 2686A
Data Logger Acquisition Mainframe

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Fluke Mfg Co 2686A

6-slot stand-alone Data Acquisition Chasis capable of housing any combination
of FLU-2680 Series 20CH analog input modules (required). Also see
FLU-2680A-FAI and FLU-2680A-PAI. May be used as a stand-alone data logger or
in a networked system.

ATA Flash Memory Card, 16MB to 1GB capacity, available for the 2686A.

Universal Input conditioning for any input, on any channel, in any
combination( vDC, vAC, Ohms, Frequency, RTD, thermocouple, thermistor, or

Thermocouple measurement includes J, K, R, S, T, N, I, U, C, and B-type.

Communicates with and controls FLU-2645A and FLU-2640A NetDAQ units via
10BaseT/100BaseT, TCP/IP via RJ45 connector, Cat 5.

Math Functions include time & rate, addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, Log, natural log, exponent, square root, absolute value, integer
function and average. 60 computational channels in addition to analog and
digital inputs.

PC Requirements:
IBM compatible, Pentium II processor
Microsoft Windows NT/98/2000/XP
150 MB free hard disk space
VGA or SVGA display, 100 % IBM compatible with 2 MB Video Ram (VRAM)
CD-ROM Drive. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later.
Fluke DAQ Configuration Software is included. See Accy list line 1.

Fluke DAQ Software provides features listed below:

Controls all 2680 series functions and data files
Provides real-time and historical trending
Communicates with and controls FLU-2640A and FLU-2645A NetDAQ units
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47.24 cm 43.18 cm 23.62 cm 29.55 kg


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