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Fluke Mfg Co 2635A
Hydra Data Logger Bucket

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FLU-2635A/805/901/1MB memory card/hydra logger software
FLU-2635A/901/RS43/hydra logger software/9PIN TO 9PIN MODEM CABLE
Catalog Description

Fluke Mfg Co 2635A

Portable data logger.

The 2635A Hydra measures and records 20 channels of DC or AC voltage,
thermocouples, RTDs, resistance and frequency in any combination. The
supplied software allows remote control, monitoring, and PC data storage
through the built-in RS-232C interface. Internal non-volatile RAM will store
up to 2047 readings on each channel, equal to one scan per minute for 24
hours. A removable 1MB SRAM card is available to increase storage to over
200,000 readings per channel. Input power is 90-260VAC at 50 or 60Hz, or
9-16VDC. A universal input connector block with screw terminals is supplied.

Memory card OPT 805: see FLU-263Xa-805; see FLU-263XA-806
Trending software OPT 901: see FLU-26x5A-901
see FLU-26x5A-902 with trending
Summary Specifications:

Input:DC Volts: Range:90mV to 300V Resolution:10uV to 10mV
AC Volts: Range:90mV to 300/150V Resolution: 10uV to 10mV
Resistance: Range: 300Ohm to 10MOhm Resolution: 10mOhm to 1KOhm

A computer interface cable is required to connect a Hydra to a PC.
See PN: FLU-RS40, FLU-RS41, FLU-RS42, FLU-RS43.

with improved resolution:

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
31.19 cm 21.59 cm 9.32 cm 10.91 kg
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