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Fluke Mfg Co 1730
3 Phase Energy Logger

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Fluke Mfg Co 1730

FLU-1730 Three-Phase Energy Logger

The Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger introduces a new
simplicity to discovering sources of electrical energy waste. Profiling energy
usage across your facility helps you identify opportunities for energy savings
and provides you with the easy-to-understand data required for you to take the
right action.

With the 1730, you can:
*Easily discover when and where energy is being consumed in your facility,
from the service entrance to the individual circuits.
*Compare multiple data points over time and build the complete picture of
energy usage with the energy analyze software package.
*Quickly understand specific points of energy loss, reduce energy bills more
easily than ever.

The Fluke 1730 is the best choice when looking for a dedicated energy logger
for performing energy surveys and load studies.

Supplied with 1730-flex1500 Thin Current Probe, 1 ft (4345324) Qty 3 (1500

Ac285 Suregrip Lg Alligator Clip BLK (1610159) Qty 4
i1730-flex1500 Thin Current Probe, 1 ft (4345324) Qty 3
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
16.76 cm 19.81 cm 8.89 cm 4.55 kg


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