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Single-Ended Dispersion Analyser CD,PMD

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EXFO-FTB-5700-CD-PMD/89/UPC/FC/APC Connector
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EXFO-FTB-5700-CD-PMD Single-Ended Dispersion Analyser CD,PMD

Single-ended PMD and CD measurements
The advantage of one: complete dispersion analysis with a single module, a
single connector and a one-step test setup
Testing range: up to 140 km

Platform Compatibility:
FTB-200 V2 Version 2 Compact Platform
FTB-500 Platform

Measured wavelength range (nm) 1475 to 1626
Maximum measurement distance (km) +/-120 (140 with refl ector)
Distance uncertainty (km) +/-(0.01 + 1 % x distance)

Chromatic dispersion (At 1550 nm, on 100 km of G.652 single-mode fiber)
Number of test points 8
CD uncertainty (ps/nm) +/-10
Test time (s) 40

PMD (For a fiber length >100 m)
PMD display range (ps) up to 50
PMD range (strong mode coupling) (ps) 0.1 to 20
PMD uncertainty (strong mode coupling) (ps) d +/-(0.2 + 5 % x PMD)
Test time (s) <180

*Base plate is for APC connection.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
27.94 cm 9.53 cm 5.08 cm 2.27 kg
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