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Modular Test Platform Mainframe

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EXFO-FTB-1-S2-RF-VPM2X/P1/GIGE bundle package
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EXFO-FTB-1-S2-RF-VPM2X Modular Test Platform Mainframe

This package is useful in Fiber inspection, Ethernet backhaul, microwave
Ethernet testing also known as EXFO-EMS-1G-CTR

FTB-1 Portable mainframe unit (EXFO-FTB-1-S2-RF),
S2 - Outdoor-enhanced screen
RF - RF capability (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
VPM2X - On board Power Meter (PM-1), VFL and GeX detector

Power meter (PM-1) specifications:

Calibrated wavelengths: 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, 1650nm
Power ragne: -64dBm to +26dBm (GeX)
Uncertainty: +-5% +- 0.4nW (GeX)
Display resolution: GeX 0.01 max to -54dBm, 0.1 range -60dBm to -50dBm
Tone detection: 270Hz/1000Hz/2000Hz

Visual fault locator (VFL) specifications:

650nm (+-10nm) CW Laser
Typical P(out) in 62.5um/125um: 3dBm (2mW)

Test Module:
FTB-880-FLEX NetBlazer Test Module
1GigE Enables support for 10/100/1000 Base-T and 1000 Base-X
Mult-Streams Enables the capability to test up to 9 background
to stress the Traffic Gen stream. Independent
are also available per background stream
ETH-THRU Ethernet Through Mode, capability to perform tests in
Through Mode/Pass Through.
FTB-8190 SFP 1310nm Multirate Optical Transceiver module
Rates: 155/622 Mb/s, 2.5/2.7 Gb/s, GigE/FC/2FC, CPRI/OBSAI
LC connector, 15km reach

Option P1 includes:
FP4D Inspection probe (200x/4)
FPSA ConnectorMax Analysis SW
FIPTLC LC tip for bulkhead adapter
FIPTSCL SC tip for PC bulkhead adapter
FIPTST ST tip for bulkhead adapter
FIPTU12 Univ patchcord tip 1.25mm
FIPTODC ODC Socket (male) tip
ODC2PK ODC 2 Pin Plug(f) Guide
GP2155 Backpack
GP1008 VFL adaptr(2.5mm - 1.25mm
FOAU25 For Universal 2.5mm
XPRTIP IP/Eth Test Tool Suite
FTB880 NetBlazer Test Module
GIGE 1000 Base-T & 1000 Base-X
MS Multiple-Streams
ETHTHR Ethernet Thru Mode

Option Z1 includes:
100OPT Enables 100Mbit/s optical
ETHTHR Ethernet Thru Mode
EXPIP EXPERT IP test suite
FTB880 NetBlazer Test Module
GIGE 1000 Base-T & 1000 Base-X
MS Multiple-Streams

Option Z2 includes:
ETHTHR Ethernet Thru Mode
EXPIP EXPERT IP test suite
GIGE 1000 Base-T & 1000 Base-X
MS Multiple-Streams

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6.68 cm 25.25 cm 19.05 cm 6.82 kg


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