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FOT-930 MaxTester Handheld Loss Test Set 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm

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FOT-930 series MaxTester Handheld Loss Test Set

Designed for network service providers, network installers and CATV operators,
the FOT-930 MaxTester provides fully automated loss test results in 10 seconds
for up to three wavelengths, as well as automatic ORL and fiber-length

It combines a powerful light source, a power meter, a visual fault locator,
a full-duplex digital talk set and a video fiber inspection probe, and it
with a large, high-resolution color display and nine hours autonomyall this
more in an ergonomic, eye-catching handheld package built for todays
fiber-optic testing requirements.

This unit easily and efficiently provides complete, high-quality test

Its data logging and management features help users quickly access and
download test results to any PC through the RS-232 port for in-depth analysis
and first-class report generation.

Combines up to eight instruments
Loss meter
Power meter
Optical return loss (ORL) meter
Visual fault locator (VFL)
Multimode and singlemode light sources
Digital talk set
Fiber-length meter
Video fiber inspection probe

FasTesT function: One-touch, automated measurements in 10 seconds
Bidirectional loss and ORL testing at up to three singlemode wavelengths
Optional Bidirectional loss testing at two multimode wavelengths
Fiber-length measurement

Flexible solution: Five-wavelength multimode and singlemode
configurations to meet the requirements of installers/contractors in all test

Up to three singlemode wavelengths on one port 1310nm, 1550nm
and a choice between 1490nm and 1625nm (configuration dependent)
Optional Two multimode wavelengths 850nm and 1300nm on a second port

Storage of over 1000 complete test reports, with automated report generation

-FP = probe interface included
WC1 Connector adapter package includes:
Source: EXFO UPC (Ultra Polished Physical Contact)
Universal Interface EUI-89(FC), EUI-90(ST), EUI-91(SC)
Detector: FOA-22(FC), FOA-32(ST), FOA-54(SC)


External Power meter
Detector type: GeX
Measurement range: -55 to +10dBm
Wavelength range: 800 to 1650nm
Calibrated wavelengths: 42

Light source:
Wavelengths: 1310/1490/1550nm
Minimum output power: -1/-7/-4dBm
Type: Laser

Fast test:
Wavelength: 1310/1490/1550nm
Loss range: 56dB
Length measurement range: 200km

Dedicated ORL
All SM wavelengths
ORL range: 65/55dB
Talk Test
Emitter type: Laser
Wavelength: 1550nm
Dynamic range: 45dB at 1550nm
Dynamic range: Mutlimode 40dB (with options)
Emitter type: Laser
Wavelength: 650nm
Output power: 3dBm

Option Descriptions:
FP1 200X Fiber Inspection Probe Port
FP2 200X/400X Fiber Inspection Probe Port
GP10062 Rigid Carry Case
VFL Visual Fault Locator
VFT Talk Set/Visual Fault Locator

Electro Rent defined bundles:

Option P1 includes:
FP5 200X/400X Inspect Probe
GP10062 Rigid Carry Case
VFT Talk Set/Visual Fault Locator

Option P2 includes:
FP1 200X Fiber Inspect Probe
GP10062 Rigid Carry Case

Option P3 includes:
GP10062 Rigid Carry Case
VFT Talk Set/Visual Fault Locator
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