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EXFO-FIP435B Wireless Analysis Digital Video Inspection Probe

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EXFO-FIP435B/UPC/UPC bulkhead and tips
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EXFO-FIP435B Wireless Analysis Digital Video Inspection

Fully automated fiber inspection tool with embedded analysis and WiFI

The EXFO-FIB435B provides accurate and consistent fiber inspection test
results with a fast and simple one-step process.
The auto-focus and auto-centering feature prevents false positive results. A
led indicator provides immediate diagnosis of the connector health, without
the need of looking at the screen.

The FIP435B is compatible with the entire FTB ecosystem, the MaxTester OTDR
Series, the MAX-FIP display, IQS benchtop platforms as well as PCs and
laptops, thanks to its USB port.

The FIP-435B is a true wireless solution. The live video feed is streamed via
WiFi without any wired connection between the probe and the smart device.

Key Features:
Fully automated, one-step process:
Automatic fiber-connection detection
Automatic image centering
Automatic focus adjustment and optimization
Automatic capture
Automatic pass/fail analysis
Automatic reporting
On-board connector endface analysis (IEC, IPC or custom standards) via
ConnectorMax2 software
Pass/fail LED indicator for immediate diagnosis of connector health
Optimal digital image quality with three levels of magnification
Wireless connectovoty to smart device

ER options:
/APC APC bulkhead includes:
FIPT-400-SC-APC: SC APC tip for bulkhead adapter
FIPT-400-U25MA: Universal patch cord tip for 2,5 mm ferrules APC
/UPC UPC bulkhead includes:
FIPT-400-FC-SC: FC-SC bulkhead tip
FIPT-400-U25M: Universal patch cord tip (2.5mm ferrule)

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16.21 cm 4.14 cm 4.5 cm 0.45 kg
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