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Elgar SW5250A
5250VA AC Power Supply 1/3PH

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EGR-SW5250A/1-3-2/Standard Test & Meas Opt
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Elgar SW5250A

!!Customer must provide their own power cable!!

The EGR-SW5250A SmartWave (SW) 5250VA AC power source offers powerful waveform
creation for ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing. Three separate
arbitrary waveform generators enable the SmartWave to create independent,
complex waveforms on all three phases simultaneously. The SmartWave is
designed to meet waveform requirements including DC content (up to 312V), low
distortion (THD 0.25% to 100 Hz), low noise and ripple, plus full compliance
testing to various EMC and avionics standards.

This list describes the difference between the "A" version and the non"A"
Output noise and ripple level reduced from -55db to -60db.
Firmware is in FLASH memory to support upgrades without disassembly of unit.
Front panel and GPIB control of servo loop (BOOST) to support fast
transient response under some conditions. Needed for DO-160 testing.
Front panel and GPIB control (XLOAD) to reduce under/over shoot and ringing
that could be caused by unusual reactive loads.
2 speed cooling fan, lower fan noise.

Designed to Meet the Following:
EN 61010
EN 55011
UL 3111
EN 50082-2
61000-4-3, 61000-4-4
FCC Part 15, Class A
CE Mark

Support for factory modifications for parallel units of 10.5KVA,
15.75KVA and 21KVA.

The SW1750 series, SW3500 series and SW5250 series was
replaced respectively by the SW1750A series, SW3500A series
and SW5250A series in 1996. The "non A" series products are no
longer produced.

Standard ER configuration:
1 = Input Power - 187 - 265 VRMS (3-wire).
3 = Controller - GPIB w/ARB.
2 = Standard Test & Measurment Options.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
60.96 cm 48.26 cm 22.86 cm 102.27 kg


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