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Multi-functional Partial Discharge (PD) Instrument

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EA-ULTRATEV-PLUS+-KIT3 Multi-functional Partial Discharge (PD) Instrument

UltraTEV instruments are widely used for TEV detection (Transient Earth
Voltage). TEV signals (20-80Mhz) are highly indicative of internal partial
charge occurring in: insulators, isolators, bushings, CTs, PTs, OCBs, vacuum
switchgear, etc.
This handheld tool also utilizes ultra sonic probe(s) for detecting external/
surface PD. UltraTEV instruments are simple to interpret on-the-spot and have
been proven to identify opportunities for preemptive actions against unplanned

*The core functionality of the UltraTEV Plus+TM, is a combination of our
UltraTEV DetectorTM and UltraMet Plus+TM all in one hand-held instrument
*Detects and measures PD activity as numerical values for both ultrasonic and
TEV emissions
*Locate and listen to ultrasonic PD activity with headphones included
*Switchable modes: one-shot PD detection or continuous measurement

Multiple uses - Use the UltraTEV Plus+ to:
Investigate UltraTEV Detector red lights
Rapidly survey the condition of entire substations
Compare changes in PD activity levels between assets and over time
Gather valuable data for asset condition assessment
Check working environments for safety

Measurement Range 0-60 dBmV
Resolution 1dB
Accuracy 1dB
Max Number of Pulses/Cycle 655

Measurement Range -7 dBuV to 68duBV
Resolution 1dB
Accuracy +/-1dB
Transducer Sensitivity -65 dB (0dB = 1volt/bar rms SPL)
Transducer Centre Frequency 40 kHz
Transducer Diameter 16mm
Heterodyning Frequency 38.4 kHz

Battery Charger 90 - 264V 47 - 53Hz, 6V 0.5A

Kit 3 includes:
Deluxe neckband headset, ultrasonic contact probe, flexible microphone
sensor, ultradish waveform concentrator with laser pointer, function
checker, battery charger and ruggedized carrying case with high density
foam insert
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
58.42 cm 53.34 cm 48.26 cm 21.36 kg


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