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Dranetz PG4400
Power Quality Analyser

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DRN-PG4400/256MB/CALEM/CASE/256MB Flash Memory Card/4ea CA4300LEM Adaptors/Soft Carry Case
Catalog Description

Dranetz PG4400

8 Channel (4 Voltage & 4 Current) 3 Phase Power Quality Analyser.
No TaskCard Required, the DRN-PG4400 integrates touch screen user-programmable
testing for Power Quality, Harmonics, Demand & Energy, Flicker, Inrush, and
Fault recording.

Data is stored on Compact Flash Memory cards. Also see DRN-FLASHREADER-USB
for flashcard reader. REQUIRED for PC's without reader capability. Data can
be viewed on-screen or ported to a Windows environment by using Dranview
DRN-DVPX5 software; (assetted separately in the ER Pool.) A serialized
dongle key is included with the Dranview. Loss of the key will result in a
$300 replacement charge.

ER's bundle consists of 64MB Flash Memory Card, 4 each CALEM Adaptors, and
Soft Carry Case. Dranview is assetted separately. Also see DRN-DVPX5.

Current Transformers Required. 1 per channel as needed, up to 4CH maximum.
DRN-CA4300 Adapter required for rigid CT's.
See the following for available current transformers:

Current Transformer current ratings:
DRN-TR2500 10A to 500A RMS 48HZ to 3kHz max conductor size 1.8in to 2.5in.
DRN-TR2510 0 to 10A RMS max conductor size 0.47in.
DRN-TR2520 300A to 3000A RMS max conductor size 2.56in.
DRN-TR2021 1A to 30A RMS 48Hz to 10kHz max conductor size 0.47in.
DRN-TR2019B 1A to 300A RMS 45Hz to 50kHz max conductor size 2.0in.
DRN-TR2022 10A to 1000A RMS 45Hz to 10kHz max conductor size 2.0in.
DRN-TR2023 100A to 3000A RMS 45Hz to 5kHz max conductor size 2.56in.
DRN-LEMFLEX3K to 3000A RMS 8Hz to 7kHz max conductor size 6in.

The LEMFLEX-3K has been replaced by the DRN-RR3035A-24/PS.
All future flex ct purchases will be for the DRN-RR3035A-24/PS.

Measured Parameters (4) differential inputs, 1-600V rms, AC/DC, 0.1% rdg ,
256 samples/cycle, 16bit ADC
(4) inputs with CTs 0.1-3000A rms, AC/DC, 256s/c, 0.1% rdg + CTs, 16 bit ADC
Frequency range, 10mHx resolution, 45-65 Hz
Phase Lock Loop - Standard PQ mode

Power Quality Triggers Cycle-by-cycle analysis
256 samples/cycle; 1/2 cycle RMS steps
L-L, L-N, N-G RMS Variations: Sags/swells/interruptions)
RMS Recordings V& I (x/x/x cycles)
Waveform Recordings (2/6/2 cycles)
Low and Medium Freq Transients - V & I
Harmonics Summary Parameters
Cross trigger V & I channels
RMS Event Characterization (IEEE or IEC)

Distortion/Power/Energy W, VA, VAR, TPF, DPF, Demand, Energy
Harmonics/Interharmonics per IEC 1000-4-7
THD/Harmonic Spectrum (V,I,W) to 63rd
TID/Interharm. Spectrum (V,I) to 63rd
Flicker per IEC 1000-4-15 (Pst,Plt,Sliding Plt)
Unbalance (rms dev. & sequencing components)

Current Transformers Required. 1 per channel as needed.
No adaptor required for DRN-TR-25xx. DRN-CA4300 required for DRN-TR-20xx
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
58.42 cm 40.64 cm 30.48 cm 10.91 kg
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