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Doble TDR9000
Circuit Breaker Test System

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DOB-TDR9000/TRX/TDR/TR Automated Field SW
DOB-TDR9000/TRX/063501/TDR/TR Automated Field SW/Aux Contact Cable
DOB-TDR9000/TRX/CP/T9433/TDR/TR Automated Field SW/Current Probe 401-0055/Event Module
DOB-TDR9000/TRX/T9433/TDR/TR Automated Field SW/Event Module
DOB-TDR9000/TRX/T9433/PELI/TDR/TR Automated Field SW/Event Module/Peli 1660 Case
Catalog Description

Doble TDR9000

Circuit breaker test system consisting of the following:

T9003 System Control Panel plug in.
This unit supplies a communication link between a PC and the TDR9000 via an
RS232 serial port. It also houses the power on/off switch, power receptacle,
safety switch interface,and Trip/Close fuses.
Power INPUT ranges are 117/240VAC +/- 10% at 50 to 60Hz.

T9120 3 Phase Dead Tank with OCB Contact Timing Measurement/Resistor Value
The Open Close Breaker module records the output from the 3 transducers
simultaneously. It provides precise details of the operating mechanism's
performance for damping, total travel,over travel,rebound,average velocities
and instanteous velocity. The module measures the timing of main contact and
resistor switch operation during closing or opening of a Dead Tank(no voltage
present) Circuit Breaker with one main contact per phase. The module also
measures the value of pre-insertion resistors, if present.
Close and open Timing Resolution: 100 microseconds
Close and open Timing Accuracy: +/- 100 microseconds
Minimum Contact Bounce Measurement: 60 microseconds
Pre-Insertion Resistor Value Range: 10 to 400 Ohms or 300 to 700 Ohms
Accuracy: +/- 10%

T9153 Motion Transducer for 3 transducers. Sample rate at 10kHz w +/- 0.1%

TRX Software (windows based) controls the TDR9000 and stores test results and
test plans. For ease of analysis, TRX displays test data and test results in a
tabular or graphical form. Data such as travel,velocity, contact transition,
command signals, trip and/or close coil currents, analog and auxiliary contact
channels are displayed graphically.
Software resides on 4 floppies included with the system.

TR3190 Enhanced Motion Transducer. Measures both 360 degree rotary motion and
linear motion up to 40 in. with 0.005 inch resolution.

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25.4 cm 40.64 cm 39.37 cm 40 kg
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