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Doble M4000
10kV Power Factor Insulation Analyser

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DOB-M4000/P1/QDHOOK//MCASE/Quick Disconnect CBL&Hook
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Doble M4000



The M4000 is used to determine the insulation quality of high voltage power
apparatus in field.

45-70Hz output selectable.
Maximum Test Current: 300mA at 10kV.
Maximum Test Voltage: 12kV.
Measures Power Factor for all impedances (capacitive, resistive, and

The DOB-M4000/P1 package consists of the following setup:
M4100 Analyser Mainframe.
MCase Transport Case

Every M4000 Doble sells includes DTA Field (DTAF) software. DTAF supports data
retrieval with apparatus specific test forms, standardized test procedures and
test result analysis.

- The M4151 Field Calibration Reference Module provides calibration
verification of the M4100 in the field.
- The SSL - Safety Strobe Light flashes while the M4000 tests are in progress,
providing a visual warning of high voltage presence.
- The THS - Temperature/Humidity Probe automatically measures temperature and
humidity, providing critical information for the diagnostic evaluation.
- The MLF - (M-Oil) Liquid Insulation Test Cell allows testing of oil samples.

Contents of ER's "package bundles":
P1 bundle consists of MLF & MCase

P2 bundle consists of DTAF, LAPTOP, TTR*, & MCASE

P3 bundle consists of MLF, LAPTOP, & MCASE

*One of the options contained in the /P2 package is the Transformer Turns
Capacitor or /TTR.

With the addition of the Transformer Turns Ratio Capacitor, the M4000 system
can measure the turns ratio of power transformers at potentials up to 10 kV.

Reasons to test Turns Ratio at 10 kV:
> Can find problems that the turns ratio test at 120 volts cannot
> Results will be different when energizing opposite ends of the winding if
there is an open circuit or a very lightly insulated area that is damaged.
> Yet another tool the M4000 provides when using the optional Doble 10 kV

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