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DILO Company 3-037-R002
Electronic SF6 Moisture Measuring Device

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DILO Company 3-037-R002

DILO-3-037-R002 Electronic SF6 Moisture Measuring Device

The 3-037-R002 moisture measuring device was designed, from the ground up, to
be used on arced SF6. Unlike conventional multi-gas hygrometers, the 3-037 is
specifically calibrated for the unique characteristics (i.e. densities,
molecular weights, and acidity) of faulted SF6. Not only is the device
consistently more accurate and reliable, but the typical long-term drift (and
subsequent need for factory recalibration) associated with non gas specific
devices is all but eliminated. The exclusive DILO sensor measures SF6 at
atmospheric pressure which removes pressure and temperature variables from
moisture readings. Additionally, the electronic flow meter not only reduces
the sample to a trickle, but the orientation of the device is no longer
relevant - making the 3-037 far more suitable for on-site testing. All
readings are displayed in parts per million by volume (PPMv).\

The 3-037-R002 calculates the moisture content of the sampled gas by
determining its dewpoint. During the testing process, the sample gas is
discharged from the back of the device at a rate of 1 liter/min (0.3 ft3/min).

Technical data:
Measuring range: 41p PPMv - 10,000 PPMv
Measuring accuracy: +/-2 degree C (+/-4 degree F)
Max. input pressure: pe 10 bar (145 PSIG)
Operating temperature: 0 - 40 degree C (32 F - +104 F)
Operating voltage: 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Flow rate 1 liter of SF6/min

Per DILO the unit can be used in North America or Europe if the proper power
cord is used.

the back
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