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Dewetron 3211-16
16CH Data Acquisition Recorder

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Dewetron 3211-16

Dewetron DEWE-3211-16 16CH Data Acquisition Recorder

16 Channel Recorder configured with 2 each factory-installed
MDAQ-SUB-V-200-BNC modules.
Bundled with DEWESoft-7-SE data acquisition and analysis software (supports up
to 16 channels)

16 programmable ranges from +/- 0.125V to +/- 200V, including:
Ranges with 250V Common Mode:
+/- 2.5, +/- 5, +/- 10, +/-20, +/-50, +/-100, +/-200V
Ranges with 12V Common Mode:
+/- 0.125, +/-0.25, +/- 0.5, +/-1, +/-1.25, +/-2.5, +/-5, +/10V
For safety reasons max. 50V AC or 120V DC must be applied to these modules due
to the BNC connector, differential voltage inputs, high common mode voltage
+/- 250V, accuracy +/-0.05%, bandwidth 300kHz, connectors: BNC

CAN BUS Channels: 4
Power Input: SideHAND Battery Power and Isolated DC Power 9-36VDC
Display: 17inch XGA touchscreen standard
Hard Disk:250GB Removable HDD standard

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
42.42 cm 34.04 cm 18.03 cm 15.91 kg


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