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Current Technology Inc. DTS-2
Surge Protective Device -SPD Test Set

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Current Technology Inc. DTS-2

The industry's only 10 mode dual-function real-time suppression filter system
analysis tool, Current Technology's portable DTS-2 Diagnostic Test Set
provides facility engineers, equipment technicians and other end users with
easy, active testing of on-site product performance as well as distribution
system voltage monitoring. Conveniently lightweight, the DTS-2 easily connects
to any Current Technology MasterPLAN suppression filter system to immediately
deliver quantitative, diagnostic measurement of all modes of suppression
filter system performance and effectiveness.

o Monitors RMS voltage of connected suppression filter systems to permit
troubleshooting of RMS undervoltages or overvoltages
o Provides establishment of benchmark clamping voltages for future
comparisons. Benchmark clamping voltages are recorded on the Diagnostic
Signature Card at the factory prior to shipment and packaged inside the
suppression filter system enclosure
o Real-time testing identifies potential problems before protected loads are
o Ongoing suppression filter system performance analysis is provided by clamp
voltage comparison on a monthly or semiannual basis
o Indicates alarm condition if system N-G voltage is outside of normal
electronic load operation ranges
o Tests and monitors all Current Technology suppression filter systems (some
models require DTS-2 adapter)
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