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Communication Components Inc PIMPRO700
700MHz LTE PiMPro Passive intermodulation Analyser (PIM)

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Communication Components Inc PIMPRO700

700MHz LTE PimPro Passive intermodulation Analyser 40W
Must ship with a transit case.

Precision Passive Intermod Analyser provide precise measurement
of the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th order of intermodulation of any system
or component under high-power conditions. In addition to passive
intermodulation measurements, the units will provide VSWR and Return
Loss values. PiMPro Analyser can be used to verify the integrity of
individual passive components including connectors, cable assemblies,
antennas, filters, making them an integral performance tool in the
field and in the lab.

User selectable TX frequencies within the Analyser band
LTE 700L
Receive Range 698-716MHz
Transmit Range 728-746MHz
LTE 700U
Receive Range 776-798MHz
Transmit Range 746-768MHz
40W PIM Analyser

Two variable signals +33 (2W) to +46dBm (40W) each
Option LPC lowers power to +20dBm (100mW)

Sensitivity of -175 dBc @ 43dBm
Measures the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th reflective passive intermodulation
Internal and external data storage
Software and firmware updates downloadable via USB connection

3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th reflected passive intermodulation of transmission lines
connectors, filters and combiners, jumpers, splitters, tower mounted devices,
other passive system components

Power Test Port 2 variable signals adjustable from 20 to 46dBm(40 Watts)

Communication Ports: USB and Ethernet

RF Connector DIN 7-16
Operating Voltage 90 to 256 V (50-60 Hz)

Recommend CCI-PIMPRO-AK accessory kit.
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
17.78 cm 47.5 cm 37.59 cm 20.45 kg


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