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Chroma Systems Solutions 63205A-600-350
High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 350A / 5kW

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Chroma Systems Solutions 63205A-600-350

CHO-63205A-600-350 High Power DC Electronic Load 600V / 350A / 5kW

Chroma's 63200A series high power electronic loads with built in digital
signal microprocessors (200MHz) provide optimal speed and control performance.
The ultra-high density power (6kW@4U) not only saves room, its super high
voltage (0.015%+0.015%F.S.) and current (0.04%+0.04%F.S.) measurement accuracy
ensures the dependability of test results. In addition, the entire series can
either be operated by hand or controlled remotely. For higher power demands,
master/slave control can be used to parallel multiple units for operation.
These electronic loads also have synchronous loading capabilities to simulate
actual loading status.

CC, CR, CV & CP operation modes
CR+CC, CR+CV, CC+CV complex modes
Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control
Dynamic synchronous control in static and dynamic loads
User defined waveform (UDW)
CZ mode for turn on capacitive load simulation
External loading current simulation
Auto frequency sweep up to 50kHz
Real time power supply load transient response simulation & Vpk+/- measurement
User programmable 255 sequential front panel input status
Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement
Precision high speed digitizing measurement/data capture
Voltage, current & Pmax measurement for OCP/OLP test
Timing & discharging measurement for batteries
Instant overpower loading
Short circuit simulation
Smart fan control
Full protection: OC (adjustable), OT, OP (adjustable) protection & OV warning
Standard USB
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64.69 cm 42.8 cm 17.7 cm 40.91 kg
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