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Chroma Systems Solutions 62050P-100-100
Programmable DC Power Supply 100VDC/100A/5000W

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Chroma Systems Solutions 62050P-100-100

CHO-62050P-100-100 Programmable DC Power Supply 100VDC/100A/5000W

Chroma's new 62000P series of programmable DC power supplies offer many unique
advantages for ATE integration and testing. These advantage include a constant
power operating envelope, precision readback of output current and voltage,
output trigger signals as well as the ability to create complex DC transients
waveforms to test device behavior to spikes, drops, and other voltage
deviations. Designed for automated testing DC-DC converters and similar
products, the 62000P sets a new standard for high accuracy programmable DC

One unique capability of the 62000P Series supplies is their ability to create
complex DC transient waveforms. This capability allows devices to be tested to
DC voltage dropouts, spikes and other voltage
variations making them an ideal choice for airborne device testing, inverter
testing and other devices which will experience voltage interrupts.
Applications include DC/DC Converter & Inverter voltage drop test, engine
start-up simulation, battery automated charging, electronic product life cycle
test, and etc.

Standard RS-232 & USB Interface
LabView and Labwindows
CE Certified
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