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Candura Instruments PQ-PRO
Power Quality Analyser w/ Internal Power Supply

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Candura Instruments PQ-PRO

CNDR-PQ-PRO Power Quality Analyser w/ Internal Power Supply

The PQPro is a portable 8 channel (4 voltage and 4 current) power quality
Analyser that can stream high resolution waveform and RMS data to high
capacity removable SD memory cards. Sampling rate can be adjusted from 64
samples per cycle to 1024 samples per cycle. The PQPro is in a rugged
weatherproof enclosure that can be left recording in all kinds of environments
- from the top of a utility pole to the bottom of an underground mine shaft!

Data collected by the PQPro is analyzed by the PV II Data Analysis Software.
PV II is packed with powerful graphing and reporting features yet easy to use.
Customize graphs - add data boxes, annotate with custom text and modify
scaling. Automatic report generation with data tables and graphs. Flexible
export functions plus many more features.

IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.
600V CAT IV. CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.61010-1-04
Internal power supply operates from measured voltage (90V - 600V).
AC and DC capability for voltage and current on all channels. Maximum voltage
High speed voltage transient waveform capture: 16/20/39 microsecond
(50/60/400Hz) transients with 1024 samples/cycle (50/60Hz) or 64 samples/cycle
eXtended Continuous Waveform (XCW) - perpetual "gap-less" recording. Captures
ALL events without setting trigger levels! Stream high resolution waveform data with 16
microsecond resolution and Min/Max/Avg RMS data with 0.2 second resolution! Supports up
to 128GB removable SD card with optional XCW firmware.
Voltage sag/swell capture - waveforms with 256 samples/cycle resolution and
RMS with cycle resolution.
Current Inrush capture - waveforms with 256 samples/cycle resolution and RMS
with cycle resolution.
Voltage and Current three phase unbalance.
Voltage and Current THD.
Voltage Flicker - IEEE 61000-4-15 PST and PLT.
Interharmonics with 5Hz resolution. For Continuous Waveform Storage mode, data
resolution is user adjustable to 1Hz or lower.
Up to 128th Harmonics.
Internal rechargeable battery with 4 hours run time during power failure.
Supports SD memory cards up to 128G.
Colour graphics display.
Export Data to CSV, PQDIF, COMTRADE .
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