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Bruel & Kjaer Instruments 2250C
Handheld Sound Level Analyser w Logging Software

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BK-2250C/BZ7223/BZ7230/BZ7231/Freq Analysis Software/FFT Analysis Software/Tone Assessment Software
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Bruel & Kjaer Instruments 2250C

BK-2250C Handheld Sound Level Analyser with Logging Software BZ7224

The BK-2250 is the innovative, 4th generation, hand-held Analyser from Bruel &
Kjaer. It replaces the B&K 2230, 2236 and 2238 sound level meters in ER's
inventory. The BK-2250 hardware and software specifications create an
extremely flexible instrument to cover current and future measurement and
analysis needs, ranging, for example, from the traditional uses in assessing
environmental and workplace noise to industrial quality control and
development. It is a technological platform for realizing measurement
applications in a compact and robust hand-held instrument

The BK-2250 can host a number of software modules, including frequency
analysis, logging (profiling) and recording of the measured signal. These are
available separately at any time and are activated by software keys.


High resolution, touch sensitive, color screen.
Data Storage on plug in Compact Flash Memory Card.
Built in USB Interface.
Dynamic range in excess of 120 dB.
Broadband linear frequency range of 3hZ to 20kHz.
Optional real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 or 1/3 octave bands.
Broadband and spectral data can be logged to obtain a time history for later
Optional sound recording of measured signal during all or part of the
PC software included for setup, archiving, export and reporting
Automatic detection of, and correction for, windscreen
Durable packaging conforms to IP44 standard
Built-in microphone Type 4189 records spl up to 140dB.

Available Software Options may be added.
BZ7223 Frequency Analysis Software
BZ7225 Enhanced Logging Software
BZ7226 Sound Recording Option Software
BZ7230 FFT Analysis Software
Web link: http://www.bksv.com/3156.asp

Also see microphone extension cable BK-AO-441-D100.

The /P1 bundle consists of the following options:
/BZ7223 Freq Analysis Software
/BZ7226 Sound Recording Software
/BZ7230 FFT Analysis Software
/BZ7231 Tone Assessment Software
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29.97 cm 9.4 cm 5.08 cm 20.45 kg
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