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Bierer Meters PD800W
Cordless Phasing Tester, Hot Stick

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BIER-PD800W/H6/HOOK/Qty 2 BIR-H6-6 Pair 6ft/Qty 2 8128LHM Hook Probe
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Bierer Meters PD800W

BIER-PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester

The PD800W Cordless Phasing Tester accurately and easily operates in multiple
applications including phasing, voltage detection, phase sequencing and phase
angle indication. You will only need this one kit for three-phase secondary
systems, capacitive test points, URD systems and overhead and transmission /
substation systems. This unique tester operates like a conventional phasing
This unique tester operates like a conventional phasing tester, but does not
require an interconnecting cable or extension resistors. Each probe is water
resistant, has a strong construction designed to withstand wear and is
completely shielded to minimize stray field interference.

PD800W Features:
FCC Licensed Wireless Technology
The Meter Probe features a Large Easy-to-Read Digital Display with Backlight
Both Probes feature High Intensity Color Coded LED Indicator Lights
Both Probes are Impact and Water Resistant, Designed to withstand Wear
Requires No Interconnecting Cable between Probes
Requires No Extension Resistors
Both Probes are Completely Shielded to Minimize Stray Field Interference
Meter Probe Can be used as a Voltage Detector Showing Approximate Voltage, in
the URD or OH Position, or with Reference Probe up to 69kV to Ground
Cordless Phasing Tool Direct Contact from 120V - 69kV, Distribution Systems
Cordless Phasing Tool(Degree Position Only) Non-Contact from 69kV - 800kV,
Transmission/Substation Systems
Phase URD Systems
Phase Capacitive Test Points on URD Elbows
Phase by Using the Phase Sequence Indicator Lights in URD and OH Positions
Phase Angle Indicator, Showing Actual Phase Angle Relationship in Degrees, in
the Degree Position
Automatically Alerts User of a Delta/Wye Transformation by an Indicator Light
Can be Used to Tie Utility Systems and Cogeneration Plants Together
Operating Range of 100ft.
Kit is Stored in a Highly Durable Carrying Case Padded with Foam

*Both the Reference Probe and the Meter Probe have a five-position selector
switch that controls different operating modes.

OFF - Power off for storage
DEG - For phase angle measurements from 208V to 800kV
URD - For phasing and voltage detection on Underground Rural Distribution
systems from 4Kv - 35Kv.
OH - For phasing and voltage detection on overhead systems from 4kV - 69kV
TEST - Tests internal meter circuitry and displays battery voltage

120 volt 800,000 volt cordless phasing tester
Hook probe
Straight probe
Universal/grip-all adapter
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