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Baker Instruments DX12HO
12kV High Output Static Motor & Winding Analyser

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BAI-DX12HO/CASE/PPI/SURVSW/RLC/Shipping Case/PPI Card for Power Packs/Surveyor DX Software/RLC Capabilities
BAI-DX12HO/SURVSW/RLC/Surveyor DX Software/RLC Capabilities
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Baker Instruments DX12HO

BAI-DX12HO 12kV High Output Static Motor & Winding Analyser

Input power: 100 - 240 Volts 50/60 Hz Universal supply

The SKF Static Motor Analyser Baker DX unit offers more capabilities
to analyze all insulation and motor circuits in AC and DC motors, generators
and coils. These instruments offer Insulation Resistance (IR),
Polarization Index (PI), Dielectric Absorption (DA), DC HiPot/Step
Voltage and Surge tests to evaluate all the insulation in motors and

Low voltage testing has been added to the Baker DX. This allows for
a more complete testing solution for predictive maintenance or shop
quality management. The low voltage tests can supply up to 600 mA
and frequencies from 50 to 4,000 Hz.
The Baker DX also offers a modular design that allows you to configure
a DX with only the test capabilities needed for your specific
application. For example, it can be only a high voltage or a low voltage
tester or you can add all the capability to have a unit that has
both high voltage and low voltage testing capabilities in one unit.
Simply configure the instrument to best fit the application in which it
will be used.

DX features:
*4 to 40 kV voltage testing capability to test fractional HP motors to
40 megawatt generators
*High and low voltage testing capability in one unit to test the motor circuit
and all the insulation
*Intuitive graphical user interface with touch screen
*USB printer interface to quickly print results
*Coil mode quickly analyze coils and store all data
*Impulse mode allows the operator to quickly apply voltage when testing coils
and DC motors
*Fully test DC motors, including bar to bar armature testing
*Push to Test (PTT) lock to hold voltage during DC tests
*Modular design to meet your testing needs
*Internal test storage capacity 2 GB
*The Baker DX is the smallest, lightest 12 kV surge tester on the market

Capacitor size (nF): 100
Surge energy: 7,2 J
Short circuit current: 800 A
65 H load voltage: 12 kV
Surge voltage accuracy: 11%

DC tests
Voltage accuracy: 3%
Maximum resistance: > 500 G
Accuracy: 5%
Minimum resistance: 10 MOhm
Maximum output current: 3 mA
Over-current trip: 1,4 mA
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
58.42 cm 48.26 cm 20.32 cm 27.27 kg
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