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Baker Instruments D30R
30kV Surge/HiPot Resistance Tester

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Baker Instruments D30R

BAI-D30R Surge/HiPot Resistance Tester

The D30R is a high performance stand alone impulse generator specifically
designed to diagnose faults in very large electrical motors and windings,
improving quality in the shop and reducing necessary and costly downtime in
the field. The 30kV output allows you to thoroughly test larger windings with
lower impedance and higher capacitance. The D30R satisfies the requirements of
testing the windings of both AC motors and DC armatures by producing a Surge
with higher voltage and instantaneous current.


Surge Test
Output Voltage 0-30,000V
Max Output Current 1800-2000 amps Peak
Max Pulse Energy (joules) 45J
Discharge Capacitance .1 uF

DC High Potential Test
Max Output Voltage 0-30000V
Max Output Current 1000 uA
Max Overcurrent Trip 10/100/1000 uA
Current Resolution /1/10/100 uA/Div

Resistance Test .0008 Ohm-216 Ohm

Physical Characteristics
Weight 290 lbs
Dimensions (WxHXD) 24" x 55" x 26"
Input Power 115V Single Phase
1000 Watts 60Hz
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
66.04 cm 60.96 cm 139.7 cm 262.27 kg
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