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Baker Instruments D12R
12kV Digital Winding Tester

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Baker Instruments D12R

With the D12R Digital Winding Testers from Baker, you can perform Resistance,
HiPot and Surge tests, as well as digitize and store data for future use.

Storage of test data for up to 10 motors.
Baker's QRR reliability Voltage Amplitude.
Zero Start Interlock for Tester High Voltage Output.
Bright 5-inch digital display.
Leads energized safety warning indicator.
HiPot Over-Current safety warning indicator.
Input Source Open Ground operator safety disable and warning indicator.
Test lead insulated to 45 kV rating.
Dedicated test leads for Resistance Testing.
Test lead select switch with All Leads Grounded operator safety position.
Parallel Printer and PC interface.

Surge Test:
Maximum Output Voltage (volts) - 12,000
Maximum Output Current (amps) - 400
Maximum Pulse Energy (joules) - 2.88
Discharge Capacitance - .04 microfared

DC High Potential Test:
Maximum Output Voltage (volts) - 12,000
Maximum Output Current (micro-amps) - 1,000
HiPot Overcurrent Trip - 1/10/100/1000 uAmps
Current Resolution - 0.1/1/10/100 uAmps per division
Megohm Resolution - 2-20,000 megohms

Resistance Test: .0008 ohms - 216 ohms
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58.42 cm 48.26 cm 20.32 cm 28.64 kg
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