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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DAXUS-UNIV
8 Channel Daxus Data Acquisition System with 2 UNIV-4 Signal Modules

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ASM-DAXUS-UNIV/SSD400/400 GB Solid State Drive
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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DAXUS-UNIV

ASM-DAXUS-UNIV 8 Channel Daxus Data Acquisition System with 2 UNIV-4 signal

Daxus captures, handles, and stores all data locally. You can record just a
few signals or hundreds of parameters essential to maintaining efficient
operations in any industry.

*You can stack multiple Daxus units to achieve higher channel counts as

Mobile App. Daxus is all about mobility. When you are away from your system,
you can view real-time, scrolling waveform data of your ongoing data
acquisition on your smartphone or tablet via the Daxus mobile app. You can
also receive alerts and review recent captures for quick, on-the-spot

Networked. Multiple Daxus units can be used throughout your operation. In
networked applications, an unlimited number of Daxus units can be controlled
and monitored from a central workstation or multiple PCs on the network. You
can communicate with the Daxus units wirelessly or through the Gigabit
Ethernet interface. Daxus captures, handles and stores all data locally, so
network bandwidth has no impact on sample rates.

Any channel can be set up to display the Engineering Units of your choice with
linear scaling. This allows data to be viewed in familiar terms such as Amps,
PSI, RPM, Ft-lbs., etc.

8 channels of voltage inputs (in this configuration).
Sample rates up to 200 KHz per channel
Gigabit Ethernet
Pre- & post-trigger capability
Low pass, high pass, band pass, band stop, RMS filtering
Use with or without a PC
PC software included
Weight: under 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
40.64 cm 32.51 cm 25.4 cm 4.55 kg


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