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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DASH8
8CH Chart Recorder

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ASM-DASH8/ISO/Isolated Channels
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AstroNova (formerly Astro-Med) DASH8

Paper is included as std accy: ASM-41391000
Astro-Med 8 Channel Portable Thermal Array Recorder. Includes data capture
and battery pack for portable operation. Requires no configuration, but
external signal conditioners (see below) may be used to extend the recorder's
capabilities. May require leads ASM-LC-40. Paper part number ASM-41391000.

Integrated single ended amplifiers provide 50mV to 500V full-scale ranges
with a DC-25kHz bandwidth. Chart speeds range from 1mm/hour to 200mm/sec.
System log prints time, date, chart speed, and scale every 6 inches, with
user annotation of up to 128 characters. A/D converter provides 12-bit
resolution. Nine event markers standard. Guarded banana jack inputs.
Still have questions? Call ASM tech support toll free: 877.867.9783
Compatible conditioners and accessories: www.astro-med.com

ASM-DCS-8 10A current shunt -- see FLU-80J-10
ASM-ISM-48H 4 channel high voltage isolation module
ASM-TC-10 Type J thermocouple conditioner -- see OMG-TAC80-J
ASM-TC-11 Type K thermocouple conditioner -- see OMG-TAC-30K
ASM-TC-12 Type T thermocouple conditioner -- see OMG-TAC80-T
ASM-UM-1000 1000A AC/DC current clamp -- see BEL-UM-1000
ASM-LC-40 Lead set /1 per channel required
BEL-CG100A 100A AC/DC Current clamp
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0 cm 0 cm 0 cm 22.73 kg


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